I have lost all of the other colour options I had done, which was the purpose of this post. However here are two that I had below. I have also been mixing between blues and grey backgrounds, as well as having a faded looking background which I think may be more effective as it makes […]

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I have begun creating my image in illustrator, below are a couple of images of my progress (excuse the badly taken photos). The face doesn’t look how I would have liked, however I’m happy with it, and have made the eyes stand out the most which is important as my infographic is about the eyes. […]

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Work in Progress 1

Now that I’ve done some sufficient research on my topic, I was next able to finally begin coming up with some draft concepts of how I could potentially make my infographic look and what would be best to include. Because it is advised to not put too much information into the design (images, and text […]

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Research for my topic

Below I have linked some sources from where I’ve found information relating to my topic that will help me create my infographic. I have added the most important points and will follow each link with a discussion and then an overall discussion of what I want to incorporate and focus on for my design. It […]

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Chosen idea/topic

So today I have spent many, many hours pondering different ideas and being unable to be REALLY drawn to one. However, I know that I will continue to waste time unless I just decide, so the topic I will go for is going to be how to read emotions. With this, I want to focus […]

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I’m finding it difficult to come up with an idea that I can see working visually that I would actually enjoy doing, as the images would have to be quite simple. BUT, I have a few ideas and will continue to think of other possibilities over the week before I come to a definite decision […]

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