Effective Communication Examples

Now that I have got my decided topic, I’ve done some research searching for designs that are somewhat similar in order to get some inspiration! I’ve decided to write this post on effective communication examples, and below have provided two images that are relevant towards my idea and towards giving me a greater understanding of […]

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This week our tutorial focused on typography and its importance in an image, so, I will be looking at what we learnt in class and some online research to help give me a greater understanding and idea of how I could effectively incorporate it into my infographic. A first importance I got from the class […]

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Colour is another highly important factor in creating an effective, captivating design. I aim to use colour as a main element of my infographic, especially as my topic focuses on emotions, and the psychology of colour will work to draw an emotive reaction from viewers (I hope). I have had a search online for the […]

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A very important part of my infographic and any image, is its composition; the way it is all brought together in order to effectively communicate something visually. Compositions main importance is its way of helping the viewers eyes flow easily across the image and their ability to interpret its meaning/message. In class we learnt about […]

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To gain a greater understanding of what would be an effective infographic in terms of topics, I searched the internet and came across multiple sites which have helped me with what could be effective. On http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/best-infographics-2014, it states that the creation of an infographic takes time and effort, however, as learnt in class, it takes the […]

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