Before I began my definite final image, I played around with three ideas on photoshop as I wasn’t sure what would work best in terms of communicating the message. The below three images are the three ideas I came to (obviously roughly made) before deciding on what I definitely wanted to do. Below are two […]

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This image would be of an individual from behind walking down a dark hallway, hands are reaching from the walls and dark colouring would be used. This would illustrate the idea of an individual being stuck in their dreams; wandering the halls, the hands represent the negativities of the dream. I am uncertain that this […]


Communication Objectives

Finally I have chosen my definite article from the link: My chosen article focuses on the concept of dreaming and nightmares. It looks at the possible reasoning and connections between our conscious, subconscious and unconscious in relation to when we dream. It focuses on nightmares and gives statistics on whom frequently has them and […]

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When I first heard what our assignment was about, I had many different ideas cross my mind, but found it difficult to stick to one or find one that could really work. I knew that I wanted something that had a twist of darkness to it, and something that I could mix with reality and […]

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