I like the first and last the most! The middle one’s main colour I don’t particularly like as I think it makes it look a little plain. But the other two definitely look good! Colour wise I like the blue in the first, but I think overall the black works the best and makes it look more captivating and professional. I love the composition of your design and how you have made the title contrast. 🙂

Firstly I love your idea! And I had a look at your previous posts and your other potential ideas were also really interesting! My first thought when I saw this image was that it was an example for how you would like yours to be, not your actual one, so I think it looks amazing! I love that you have gone with a topic that is much more interesting and isn’t something that is constantly being done (from looking online). Your image overall is very captivating, with the focus image, the link between that and the main title as well as all its surroundings. I like that you have incorporated quite a lot of text but have done it in a way where it is definitely effective and have also used multiple other elements so it all works together and nothing is overpowering. Your idea is very clear. I can’t think of anything that would improve the main image, it looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into it! My only suggestion would be that I’m unsure if the smaller image looks like it definitely reflects the main one, so you could play around with the spiral and its colouring or the text possibly.

I really like the idea you are going for, especially the grape part! I think it will look really effective and captivating, and will be a clear message/idea. I think the use of colour and composition will make this most effective, especially as the colour could also represent the wine itself. Composition is the only potential issue I could see happening, if it looked a bit messy and resulted in you having difficulties putting it all together (text, etc). However I’m sure it will look really good!

I love your design! I also agree that the first image with the beige works best as it works well with the whole concept, and I think visually is more effective. I love the layout of your image, and how you have kept it simple but definitely captivating; especially with how you’ve done the polaroid images themselves hanging, and you have used effective typography. I think that you don’t need to worry about the beige one lacking any colour, because its simplicity is working well and the colours you have used definitely add to the vintage appeal. Too much colour or different colours could take its effect away. But either way, both do definitely look good!

My favourite concept is your first one! I think it works best with your idea as it appears the most creative and ‘fun’, which is good and important considering your chosen topic is something that would be aimed more towards children. My favourite part of that first concept is how you’ve made the focus/center image a sandcastle, which instantly shows the viewer what your infographic is about. I also like how it has three different kinds of elements around it so it looks creative and not too repetitive and simplistic, however, this could potentially look messy so I think you just need to make sure that you make those parts have some simplicity to them. The second design I like the bottom part with the three boxes, I think that works well, and I like that you’ve added the sandcastle as a main image again as well. I think to make this one effective if you went for it, would be to definitely use colour to your advantage.
The third design I think would need something more to move it away from being too simple. Its simplicity could be effective, however I think since the topic is something that should be more fun, then you would need to add something to make it seem more fun and creative, so again, colour and an effective, captivating font would work well.
My favourite is definitely the first, however you could always mix elements of concepts, for example, more of the “what you will need” images in the third, could be incorporated into the first design.


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