I have begun creating my image in illustrator, below are a couple of images of my progress (excuse the badly taken photos).

20150602_204356 20150602_205910 20150602_211116

The face doesn’t look how I would have liked, however I’m happy with it, and have made the eyes stand out the most which is important as my infographic is about the eyes. I would like to make the mouth nicer, and am hesitant about the cheek as that looks a bit off so I may remove that. I was also going to edit the hair but thought it would look like too much is going on. Also, now looking at this I can see that the face is possibly too large so I will scale it down in size in order to make the other elements of the image (which are equally as important) more in focus.

Tomorrow I will add text to the arrows, and have a search for the typography I want to use for that and my main title.


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