Work in Progress 1

Now that I’ve done some sufficient research on my topic, I was next able to finally begin coming up with some draft concepts of how I could potentially make my infographic look and what would be best to include. Because it is advised to not put too much information into the design (images, and text in particular) and as I’ve found quite a lot of information that I could include, I’ve had to come to a decision of what to include.

The most important elements I found that I feel would be good and relevant to include are the ‘visual, auditory and kinesthetic’ relations to eye gestures, and what certain eye directions indicate.

Possible main titles:

“How the eyes can show emotions and hidden thoughts”

“Using eye gestures to decipher one’s emotions and thoughts”

“What are eye gestures telling us?”

“What can the eyes tell us?”

“How to decipher if someone is lying”

“How eye gazes can indicate thoughts and hidden emotions”

“What do the eyes say about a person?”

“What a person’s eye gestures are telling you”

“What a person’s eye gestures indicates”


Below are some roughly drawn concepts which I will use to then begin creating my infographic. 

Concept #1


Here is my first image. A definite element that I want to have in my design is a face in the middle as the focal point because research shows that people’s eye directions indicate certain meanings whether they look up, down, left, right, or sideways; and these directions are related to the brain. Therefore, by using a face in the center of my image, this firstly conveys the idea that the image is related to the face and it allows me to use arrows around the face to show which sides are related to the visual and auditory functions of the brain. Therefore, giving my image an interesting focal point that isn’t too complicated and is also informative.

I have put the main title below the face, but am not sure if I want to make it more center. I don’t want it at the top middle as I find that could appear boring as it is a general thing that is done. I am liking the idea of having a multitude of eyes at the bottom of the image depicting eye movements which will be supported by a text stating what it indicates.

When it comes to the creation of my image, I will be able to create one eye and copy it multiple times, I will then just alter parts of it to show the changing eye direction.

Concept #2 


This image and my first concept are my favourites, and I am yet to decide which I will create. I have again used a face in the center as well as the title, however, have changed the eyes at the bottom of the page. Around the face I have done arrows to show the visual, auditory and kinesthetic parts of the brain in relation to eye movement, and with this image have added eyes to represent what it shows which I think would be effective visually and informatively. Another difference is the eyes at the bottom of the design, these will depict eye gestures/signals as opposed to what directions indicate which was shown above. I believe this would be effective as then the image is split into sections of what it is showing; the senses and eye direction and what that indicates, and then other eye gestures that signal different meanings such as the pupils, avoidance of eye-contact, shifting eyes and focused eyes. I was also thinking that I could make these eyes/images appear a little more interesting than the ones showing directions, for example, the pupil image I could focus more on that, and I could use eyebrows to change them up a bit as well; thus making the image more interesting and less repetitive.

Concept #3 


This is my least favourite image of the three, so I don’t think I will be using it. However, I will discuss it as parts of it may end up being helpful. I have put the main heading at the top and a sub-heading in the middle of the design, and below it will be 6 eyes each depicting an eye gesture which would be supported by a statement of what that image indicates. I was also thinking of adding eyes where it states “visual construction” etc. in order to have something visually representing what it says. However, I think overall this image would look too busy and messy. It also appears to be separated into three parts; heading, face, and the other eyes; and I’m not sure if there is any point in this or if it would look effective.

So, I will be incorporating elements from both concept 1 and concept 2 for my infographic in order to achieve the most effective image. 


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