Effective Communication Examples

Now that I have got my decided topic, I’ve done some research searching for designs that are somewhat similar in order to get some inspiration! I’ve decided to write this post on effective communication examples, and below have provided two images that are relevant towards my idea and towards giving me a greater understanding of how to create a flow of elements and incorporate them together to effectively communicate something.

The below image I have chosen because it is communicating similar things I wish to put into mine. I think that this image has used a good amount of simplicity to communicate its ideas. Firstly, it has separated the image into three sections (left side ideas, title in the center, and right side ideas) and has used two main colours which represent the left and right. This image is an effective communication example as it has used basic elements, a main title, the faces/eyes and text to support what it is communicating. It is necessary for this to be simple as it is a more informative topic, therefore using large amounts of other images or colour would be inappropriate and irrelevant. It has used two basic colours (as well as the background) to link things together so that it flows better and the viewer is able to absorb its information faster.


This image is more colourful and ‘loud’ with minimal white space, however, it makes each element stand out through use of colour and the layout and repetitiveness.



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