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So today I have spent many, many hours pondering different ideas and being unable to be REALLY drawn to one. However, I know that I will continue to waste time unless I just decide, so the topic I will go for is going to be how to read emotions. With this, I want to focus on eyes more than anything, maybe only the eyes. I have an interest in the whole trying to read people and what this and that shows about a person, and I know this will require some research (much better research than if I went with how to make a cupcake), and it seems possible to create via illustrator. Although, I’m still a little bit drawn to topics like astrology (how to read the signs, or how to understand the signs..) and I liked the idea of ‘how to delve into your psyche’ BUT, considering my skills will be as beginner as they can be with illustrator, the psyche topic especially and what I would visualise for it just isn’t feasible. SO, emotions.

I’ve had a good search through google and pinterest to get some inspiration for my design which I will attach below. (However none are really exactly what I want to go for, but I suppose this is good as I’ll be forced to be more creative).


The above image I found when I was considering doing something related to astrology and this popped up. I LOVE the look of this, especially the use of colour and how the background looks and the way everything kind of contrasts. Not sure if this kind of this is possible to do myself, but I will keep this in mind.

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This I found when I searched infograhics and psychology. It stood out to me because of the effective use of colour, although it is VERY busy. However, this could be helpful.


Because the topic I’m going for is going to be related to how to read someone (eye contact or facial expressions) this is relevant. But, to me this is too simple and plan. The layout looks good and could help with mine, but I would want to make more going on and especially make the colour more effective.


One thought on “Chosen idea/topic

  1. Cool idea, with something so broad as ‘reading someone’ I think for you to be able to specify particular aspects or the direction you’re looking at this from will make it heaps easier in coming up with a theme and the sort of illustrations you can use. In using facial expression and eye contact you could easily do this by making one eye in illustrator and then just copying it and adjusting a couple of lines to change how open it is, where it’s looking etc.


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