Colour is another highly important factor in creating an effective, captivating design. I aim to use colour as a main element of my infographic, especially as my topic focuses on emotions, and the psychology of colour will work to draw an emotive reaction from viewers (I hope).

I have had a search online for the effects of colour with infographics, so I will summarise some important points I’ve come across which stood out most from from

The first point mentioned is how colour can affect one’s moods and perceptions, as well as adding context and meaning to the image. Therefore, colour is a necessity in enhancing a messages effectiveness. An interesting point this article makes is that it is best to stick to two main colours. However, for my design this may not be as effective, unless I go with a certain angle of say more negative emotions, thus focusing on greys and blues. It adds that is also important to have white space in order to relax the eyes. This is something we discussed in class, however, I must be careful in the amount of white space; I do not want to overcrowd my image nor do I want to leave it too empty. A final interesting point was to use colours based on the image’s content, as this makes it easier to consume and have more relevant meaning.

So far (as I’m yet to come up with some draft ideas) I’m not 100 % certain with the colour choices I will use. However, thinking about the importance of colour has helped. I will definitely use colour that reflects the emotions, and help affect the viewers emotions and perceptions.


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