I’m finding it difficult to come up with an idea that I can see working visually that I would actually enjoy doing, as the images would have to be quite simple. BUT, I have a few ideas and will continue to think of other possibilities over the week before I come to a definite decision and get researching and planning!

1. A first idea I had was something related to baking or decorating cupcakes, because I love baking and could see this being visually pleasing. It could be something like “how to make the perfect cupcake”. But, a problem with this could be that it is so simple and there would be minimal research, or, research wouldn’t be as interesting as I would like. I can see this idea as looking good… But possibly too simple. I also am unsure of the communication of it and what research would be involved.

2. I am liking the idea of something food related, and was thinking of potentially doing something regarding healthy eating. I have come across multiple health related infographics, but am thinking this could be too “done” and boring. So, if I went with this I would want to try make it as my own as possible.

3. This is quite broad for the moment, but another idea was something related to emotions; such as, how to decipher one’s mood, how to read emotions. etc… This is something that I find more interesting, so research would be good. I could create the infographic by using simple faces to depict emotions, and could use colour to add to that.

4. “How to make the perfect drink” – This is something similar to the cupcake/baking/decorating idea, as it’s simple (possible too simple). I found online an infographic for making the perfect hot chocolate, which was visually pleasing due to the multiple images and use of colour. I could do something similar to this (add things like marshmellows to the image, and good font and colour) OR, “how to make the perfect cocktail”. Which could be more visually effective as I could be more creative with use of colour, and could add fruits and interesting glasses. However, an issue I could have with this is as it would be liquid it may be difficult to make look effective.


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