A very important part of my infographic and any image, is its composition; the way it is all brought together in order to effectively communicate something visually. Compositions main importance is its way of helping the viewers eyes flow easily across the image and their ability to interpret its meaning/message. In class we learnt about grids and their helpfulness in composition. A grid enables a structure that holds and forms the overall image, it divides the page up and enables the design to align accurately. The lines of the grid can be used as a starting point to where to place the elements and to see how it all aligns. I will use a grid to help the layout of my design.

Some important aspects of composition are:

  • Using a grid for a designs layout.
  • structure the image so that it enables the viewer to be able to easily and quickly read the image, for example, by placing the information from left to right, as this is where the eyes first lead and follow.
  • Ensure that there is not too much white space, or too much crowding.

I aim to design an infographic that is composed well and incorporates all other elements such as colour and typography in order to be effective. But it is composition that will help most in the way it is read and how it flows!


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