To gain a greater understanding of what would be an effective infographic in terms of topics, I searched the internet and came across multiple sites which have helped me with what could be effective.

On, it states that the creation of an infographic takes time and effort, however, as learnt in class, it takes the viewer no effort to glance at the infographic and absorb what it is communicating. Therefore, the most important part of constructing my image is to ensure that it is effective in instantly communicating something. The site adds that the most effective infographics are easily read, clear, and simple as well as using colour.

Another site ( focuses on what not to do, stating that cluttered, busy images are never effective. It aims to create something creative and new, easily read. I have thought about doing a ‘step-by-step’ image, however, this site states that these instructions only require a simple illustration. This statement is helpful  – “Save infographics for projects that share research and measurements. As an example, if you want to show what percentage of people wash their hands before preparing food within a larger population, an infographic would be appropriate. If you want to demonstrate good hand-washing techniques, an infographic isn’t unnecessary.”

Additionally, with my research on infographics I have looked at sites such as, pinterest, tumblr, and have kept notice of trending topics.

I have many different ideas in my mind but absolutely nothing is sticking, so before I sit down and write up some ideas and what I could do with them, I’ve had a look online for inspiration. Below are some of the images that took my fancy and will hopefully help me come up with a topic and ideas of creating it.

38abbd7ff863f51ee54f8cb363a7d88a 893X1100-MENTAL-HEALTH3 RESIZED 839_ second one copy 32457-Creative medicine infographic design

Travel infographics with data icons and elements
Travel infographics with data icons and elements

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