Here are the five comments that I have chosen to submit.

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I like all the concepts you’ve come up with, especially as you’ve created a range of different ideas which all look like they would effectively communicate your article. I particularly like concept four, and the use of the magnifying glass to represent the individuals emotional state and idea of overwhelment. Your second concept also is great. I think that it would be effective to use the individuals facial expression to add to the emotional state, and use contrasting colours potentially to add to its overall effect.

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I absolutely love the sound of your concept. The way you have described your ideas has given me a very captivating image in my mind, something that sounds interesting, bold and very effective, and would communicate your article. I especially like the idea of creating a prison within the individual. I also like the amount you are wanting to show to illustrate the message, and I believe that with this theme, that amount sounds good.
I am unsure of how you are wanting the mouth and face to be exactly, I like how you said the mouth would be wide which would be good if it again added to the sense of struggle and wanting to express all that has been kept within. So portraying that (or whatever emotions you wish to convey) by using the face and expression to add to that could be effective.

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I love the idea you are going with! I just read your communication objectives and think that your progress is definitely illustrating what you aim to communicate. I especially like the contrast with the TV and the books and I like how you are keeping the books coloured yet everything else in black and white. I haven’t really noticed the shine that you said! So to me, I don’t see it as a problem. I like the angle of your image and its composition, although the frames could possibly distract from the main focus of the image. I think that they look good there and add to the image, and they look good as they are similar shaped to the TV screen, but if they are there without any intention they may take too much focus away from the main image. But overall, I think your image is looking great and definitely communicates your article effectively.

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I think your progress is looking great! I like the concept and I love the expressions conveyed by the subject’s! Really adds to the overall effect of the image, and they look great. The overall image and what the individuals are physically expressing really shows a lot and looks powerful. However, I do think that the bottom half of your image looks better and more complete than the top. Maybe play around with the colouring at the top so it contrasts less. Great image. 🙂

5. Posted on:

I really like what you are going for! Especially as it is something so powerful and important today, and I think your image ideas sound as if they would be very effective in communicating this, and would be an overall powerful image/message. I just had a look at your progress, and I like that so far it is looking simple yet it is easy for the viewer to get an idea of what it may be communicating. I think this would effectively get the message through easier, by creating something that is obvious in its meaning. I’m unsure about the money idea in the middle, as that could appear too simple and possibly not as creative as your other ideas, but that would all depend on how you go about it. Overall, sounds really good.


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