Before I began my definite final image, I played around with three ideas on photoshop as I wasn’t sure what would work best in terms of communicating the message. The below three images are the three ideas I came to (obviously roughly made) before deciding on what I definitely wanted to do.

20150421_124013 (1) 20150421_124028 (1) 20150421_124041

Below are two images showing my progress of what I am actually doing for my final image.

I am struggling with the arms/hands coming out of the wall and not looking randomly placed. I think that I need to work on the angle of them, and work on somehow blending them into the wall, to actually look like they are coming through it.

ff finaldd222

What more I wish to do:

Play around with the colour and contrast to make it more effective.

Possibly add some more detail to the subjects face and body.

Try the liquify tool to alter the subjects face, as well as the opening in the stomach.

And add more hands/arms.

My photoshop work is located on my laptop, and has been saved multiple times. I have also saved it on my hard drive.

Update 22/04: I have almost completed my image, however the liquify tool and tools such as distortion and warp are not working no matter what I try, so instead I am trying a few other things to try get the look I want.


One thought on “Progress

  1. I think your execution so far is great, as it really outlines the internal struggle. The muted tones and stark shadows really give the image a dream-like quality. The hands on the right side of your figure appeal to the ‘internal struggle’ notion more, as they curl around the body, rather than emerging from nowhere. I think if all the groping hands came from the figure’s body, it would work better with your communication objective, and be more intriguing visually.


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