This image would be of an individual from behind walking down a dark hallway, hands are reaching from the walls and dark colouring would be used. This would illustrate the idea of an individual being stuck in their dreams; wandering the halls, the hands represent the negativities of the dream.


I am uncertain that this is what I would want to go for, however this would illustrate my concept in a different way; depicting something dream-like, not ‘nightmare-like’. This image shows an individual sleeping, in which they are surrounded by symbolisms of dreams such as the moon.


This image reflects the idea of a person feeling suffocated, attacked; shown through the hands around the face. Each aspect of the image will be edited in a way to appear very unreal, so to emphasis the idea that it is a dream. The image represents the chosen topic as it will appear dream-like, as well as representing the idea of all the issues that surround us in our waking life, that are then expressed in the dream.


This image represents a haunted individual, conflicted between themselves and their surroundings. The image is of one person, however the face has multiplied. Surrounding them, the atmosphere will be dark and appear unrealistic to be dream-like.


This image would be a very close up shot of an individual that focuses on the face, particularly the eyes. The eyes will be edited to depict another world that represents dreams, and reality vs. the unreal.


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