Communication Objectives

Finally I have chosen my definite article from the link:

My chosen article focuses on the concept of dreaming and nightmares. It looks at the possible reasoning and connections between our conscious, subconscious and unconscious in relation to when we dream. It focuses on nightmares and gives statistics on whom frequently has them and what kinds of nightmares occur. Most commonly, dreams related to physical aggression are apparent, and some individuals fear falling asleep and being pulled back into their nightmares. It is argued that our unconscious state is where we play out all the negativities, fears, and internal conflicts in our waking lives; because here we are free from the constraints of societal expectations and rules. With this idea, I wish to create an image that reflects the internal conflicts that are expressed in the unconscious mind, particularly nightmares. I want to communicate the idea of internal struggles and fears that may be creating nightmares. I want my image to evoke feelings of unease, discomfort, and fear. For this, I will create an ominous atmosphere with dark colours. I will focus on an individual as my model and focal point. The individual will be in a dream-like stance (this will be depicted through use of colours and their appearance). I will use other images to add to this; possibly hands coming out of the wall behind the individual, or the individual in a dark hallway escaping the arms, or I will add things such as spiders, something appearing to be blood, etc, to add to what is “feared”.

There has been such extensive research on trying to understand why we dream and what our dreams mean, however no definite answers have been found. Regardless of this, dreaming is such a common thing and many individuals like to take an interest in their dreams and try and understand them. I believe it is important to try and gain greater understandings of ourselves. This article gives an analysis on why we dream, what is frequent, what we dream (with the focus on nightmares), and my image will add attraction to the article.


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