When I first heard what our assignment was about, I had many different ideas cross my mind, but found it difficult to stick to one or find one that could really work. I knew that I wanted something that had a twist of darkness to it, and something that I could mix with reality and fantasy, or that had a psychological relevance. After pondering over many ideas and possible images I would want to create, I decided that due to my very vivid, rather imaginative dreams that frequent my mind, that this concept was the best to go with. I have found two articles with similar themes, once I’ve put more thought into what I can and want to do, I will choose the best article for my concepts.

Because there is so much to dreams and they can be so visually creative and imaginative, I believe I could come up with a variety of images that could represent this sort of message in a creative way.

The first is an article which focuses more on the meanings of dreams and why.

And the below link focuses mostly on nightmares.

I also have a third article which I will post here to help with ideas.  


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