References Eye Reading (Body Language) – Body Language Reading – Psychologist World. (n.d.). Retrieved from Eyes body language. (n.d.). Retrieved from Harris, S. (2013). 7 Infographic Topics You Should Avoid. Retrieved from Kolowich. (2014). The Best Infographics of 2014 (So Far). Retrieved from Leejuwan. (n.d.). How to Read Eye Movements | High […]

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I have created an infographic that has visually illustrated how the eyes work in showing someone’s thinking process, and emotions and how we can look at the eye’s to find these signals through the gazes/gestures that someone may do. I have created my image to show this through the use of multiple elements; the image […]

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I have lost all of the other colour options I had done, which was the purpose of this post. However here are two that I had below. I have also been mixing between blues and grey backgrounds, as well as having a faded looking background which I think may be more effective as it makes […]

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I have begun creating my image in illustrator, below are a couple of images of my progress (excuse the badly taken photos). The face doesn’t look how I would have liked, however I’m happy with it, and have made the eyes stand out the most which is important as my infographic is about the eyes. […]

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Work in Progress 1

Now that I’ve done some sufficient research on my topic, I was next able to finally begin coming up with some draft concepts of how I could potentially make my infographic look and what would be best to include. Because it is advised to not put too much information into the design (images, and text […]

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